The Stone Crusher Race in Alassio

Riccardo Patrese in Alassio: he signs the souvenir tile of the World Championship of stone crushers

With Hunt and Regazzoni he was the protagonist of a unique event: “Let’s say it was crazy, very funny”

Alassio. September 7, 1977 is another of those dates well engraved in the memory of the Alassians. The World Road Rollers Championship came out of the magic cylinder of Mario Berrino and Carlo Tomagnini that summer. Competitors none other than James Hunt, fresh Formula One world champion, Clay Regazzoni and a very young Riccardo Patrese…

On board not in flaming and aerodynamic single-seaters, but in heavy steamrollers, they challenged each other on a path starting from Piazza Partigiani and arriving at Caffè Roma. "There are conflicting versions about who won – Riccardo Patrese himself remembers that event – someone scored Clay’s victory, but the best times were mine. Let’s say it was crazy, very funny”.

Forty years later, Patrese finds Alassio again and, for family reasons, is preparing to attend it again with some diligence. This morning the idea of ​​collecting his signature and, why not, making it on the image of the painting painted by Berrino himself that evokes that event.

“Soon the wall will be put back in safety – explains Angelo Galtieri – and all the tiles that have been collected in recent times will be able to be placed. Today another prestigious signature, of a great champion and an unforgettable event in our city”.

Ci sono versioni discordanti su chi vinse – qualcuno segnò la vittoria di Clay, ma i tempi migliori erano i miei. Diciamo che fu una cosa da pazzi, divertentissima. • • • There are conflicting versions about who won – someone scored Clay’s victory, but the best times were mine. Let’s say it was crazy, very funny.

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