"It was no longer my F1"

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To Libero: "In my day we were 13 out of 32 Italians, today 0 out of 20... Formula One is very different today, the driver is in the hands of the pits"

On Libero an interview with Riccardo Patrese. Today he is 68 years old, he was vice-champion of the world in 1992. In his career he has won 6 GPs and has raced 256.

“I remember that one year, among the 32 pilots involved in the Circus, we were 13 Italians! Do you think about it? Today 0 out of 20…”

They ask him if he likes the current Formula 1.

“It's very different from mine. Just think, I used to race when there was not even the on-board radio. Today it's all science fiction, the driver is in the hands of the pits and, if he has to change the tires, the wall forces him to do so”.


"Not so much. I am satisfied with what I have done in 16 years of Formula 1. I started in the time of Fittipaldi and I finished in that of Schumacher. I raced against Hunt and Lauda, ​​then collided with Piquet, Senna, Prost, Mansell. Becoming vice-champion of the world having to deal with these aces was not bad”.

The strongest of all time?

“Senna and Schumacher on the same level. The two of them won even with cars that were not at the top, in those conditions you can see the great champions”.

The worst memory?

“It is linked to two accidents: the one in which my great friend Elio de Angelis died in 1986, and the one in Imola 1994 when Senna left us. That day in Imola I realized that I had to stop, it was no longer my F1”.

The best memory?

"The victory at Imola in 1990, with Williams".

The regret?

“Never having raced for Ferrari. And to say that I had also signed a pre-agreement with the Drake. But there was no way. Really pity”.

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