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I’d like to write this post to tell you all a little bit about myself and this website…

I’ve been a Formula 1 fan since my childhood: I was raised by my father and my grandmother (on my mother’s side) and on Sunday mornings my father liked to turn on the TV and watch the F1 races and I got used to watch them with him.

I became a Riccardo Patrese fan when he won the 1990 San Marino Grand Prix. During the race, the commentators told a little bit about his early F1 career and remembered the 1983 San Marino GP and how the crowd celebrated when he crashed, giving the victory to a Ferrari driven by a French driver. I was 9-10 years old at that time, but that story touched me and I was so happy when he won the race! And so happy for see that the people on the circuit were so happy for him too! Then, I started to want to know that driver better… At that time, we didn’t have so much information about the drivers outside Brazil (Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet were the local heroes so all the attention from the media went to them), but every bit of information and news I got I read happily. I started to have interest for sports at a very young age, so learning about the sports and the athletes became one of my first hobbies.

After that San Marino GP I learned that Riccardo was an excellent driver and a hard fighter, the one that never gave up when facing difficulties. I also learned that he was a very nice guy outside the track and that made me like him more and more. Unfortunately, he left the Formula 1 at the end of 1993. I kept watching the races, found new drivers to support, but never forgot my childhood hero…

I started to have a computer and internet at home only in 2000 and then I started to have web design classes (I’m a professional web designer, but life took me to other paths and I don’t work in the area anymore, but I keep it as a hobby since it’s my biggest passion). I still was a F1 fan and wanted to pay a tribute to my childhood hero, so I thought about the possibility to create a fan website about him… At that time Riccardo already had a website, but I decided to create my own site because I wanted to make my own tribute and I thought I could also give a positive contribution to the web. My website is the second created about Riccardo’s career, but being honest, being the first or the second – or the last – means nothing to me… The most important to me was to show my love and support to a childhood hero and then, on September 26 2002, Riccardo Patrese: The Italian Hero (now known simply as The Italian Hero) was born. I was 21 years old when I created it and I’ve been running it for more than 20 years! It’s a long path, specially doing it alone. There were times when I felt down, depressed and thought about closing this place definitely (specially when my father was terminally ill with a cancer), but then I thought about what made me start this place, all the joys Riccardo gave me in my childhood, about the people who appreciated my work all these years and how this website helped me to deal with my depression and sadness issues and I decided to keep it running.

Why the name The Italian Hero? It’s for a simple reason: Riccardo is Italian, he is one of my childhood heroes and then I thought the name The Italian Hero sounded cool and decided to use it, but it’s important to say that, even if the name is The Italian Hero, I want to show Riccardo as a great driver he is, but I also want to show he is a normal person like us all.

The website had many looks during it’s life… I’m a professional web designer and web design truly is my biggest passion, so I’m never satisfied and I’m always wanting to improve the look, feel and overall performance of my website: I love to test websites platforms and test different color palettes and I thought that I finally reached a design which made me really happy and proud: it’s simple, the site looks good and I think it has a nice color palette now, hope you like it!


The Website’s landing page back in 2003. How time flies, many things changed since then…

I want to introduce Riccardo to the new generation of motorsport fans to show them that Riccardo is much, much more than the guy on a funny video on YouTube (I don’t like to mention or publish that video here because I think it made many people forget about his racing career and that made me really sad… 17 years on Formula 1, many years in motor sport racing in general should be bigger than just a funny video…). I think his career deserves recognition from all generations of fans.

You should have noted I publish here lots of old magazine articles and interviews… All this old material I publish here (articles, interviews, press releases, race reports) I bought the magazines myself through Ebay and old magazines online stores. I want to get all the articles possible published about him around the years and show them here in a proper way. I also received many contributions (specially photos) from visitors and friends through the years and I’m doing my best to credit the owners of those materials. Please note that all pictures and files shown here are for personal use only. Interviews/Articles/Photos from magazines, newspapers and websites don’t reflect the quality of the originals and they aren’t copyright free.

Daniele Amaduzzi Archive’s photos published on this website were bought directly from the Archive by myself and once you buy them, the copyright owner gives you permission for do with them what you wish and so I’m publishing them here and on our social media channels.

In all these years I was very fortunate to meet great people: some authorized me to use their copyrighted material, others sent me contributions and offered me friendship, giving lots of support at the good and bad moments. I want to say a BIG thank you to you all:

Michel Sterrenberg • Simon Panton • Dave Dyer • Jean-Michel Lefebvre • Michael Rinklef • Hannah Crick • François Belley • Zeph • Roger Dawkins • Marco Siboni • George Standaar • “PT Racer“ • Umberto Cattani • Mario Curti • David Staplehurst • Stefano Viazzo • Miha Furlan • Paul Kooyman • Wladimir A.C. • Max Davies • Anthony Fosh • Mark Fidell • Patrick Williot • Chris Beechler • Heinrich Jansen • Matthew Walters • Jean-Pierre Vacherot • Stewart • Ericock • Cor van Veen • Dan Morgan • Martin Lee • Dale Kistemaker • Peter Novani • Keith Lewcock • John Millar • Garry • Beppe Giuliano • Rainer Nyberg • Laura Cardia • Jorge Felix • João Paulo Cunha • Nicole “Nikki” Smith • Lisiane Polli • Dries Dorme • David Hopkins • Greg O’ Neil • Alexis • Gustavo Lopez • Martin Hadwen • Jim Santoro • Andrew Novikov • Frank de Jong • Dennis Robroek • Heike Hallenberger • Chris Balfe • Mark Schaffer • Warren • Dilson ‘Mc Laren’ • Greg Alexander • Konstantin Jelezny • “UKF1“ • “P34“ • Ron Keene • ‘Senna Fan’ • Iuri P. • Sandra Keiko • Eugene Cariaga • Renato Noviello • Jean-Claude Derringer • Renato Chiaratti • Peter Maynard • Marcus Medeiros • Ben Tomey • Rodrigo Mattar • Bruno Mantovani • Jeroen de Laat • Alcide Boaretto • Fabina Gavillucci (Vroom Kart Magazine) • Hernán Vázquez

In loving memory: Lidia and Mario… Without their love and support all my life, nothing would be possible.

Icons credit: thanks to Freepik from Flaticon for allow the usage of its icons.

Of course, I wish and need to clarify once more that this an unofficial website in tribute to Riccardo Patrese and that means that it is not maintained or endorsed by him in any way. This site is also not sponsored by anybody (I pay alone all the costs of hosting, domain and materials bought). Also, I’d like to say that I don’t want to upset or create problems to anyone, just want to pay my tribute peacefully.

English and Italian are not my primary languages (I had English classes and Italian I’m learning by my own), so my apologies if you find any grammatical errors here.


All copyrighted material showed here is property of its respective owners. The use of any of this material here is intended for non-profit, entertainment-only purposes. No copyright infringement is intended. Articles, interviews, race reports from magazines, newspapers or websites do not reflect the quality or contents of their originals and are not copyright free (the copyrights are mentioned on the item’s respective pages when possible).

There are no commercial advertisements on this website and I do not intend to cause financial loss to anybody. The Italian Hero Website is also not sponsored by anybody and therefore this website is run at a loss.

I reserve the right to not be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided here. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected. I am not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from The Italian Hero – patresetribute.com. If any damage occurs by the use of the information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages. Furthermore I am not liable for any postings or messages published by users on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – @patresetribute) and/or on our website – patresetribute.com.

This is an unofficial tribute website and is in no way affiliated with Riccardo Patrese or his representation. It is a personal tribute to a childhood hero.

Thank you all very much for the support, visit and patience on reading this about page. Keep visiting us, we’ll be updating this website when possible. We are the ones who most create content about Riccardo's career in Social Media even being only a tribute account (more than 940 posts only in Instagram!) and I'll do my best for keep providing you with high quality (and organized) content there and here in the website.

This website has no links with Mr. Riccardo Patrese, if you need to contact him please do this through his official website or write to him at: Via Altinate, 47 • 35121 Padova (PD) • Italy